Buying the Perfect Kitchen Cabinets For Your Style and Lifestyle

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When they embark upon establishing a design ethos for their kitchens, many people focus entirely on aesthetics alone. Of course, we all want our kitchens to look fantastic, but they also need to be functional. One of the most crucial aspects to consider is storage, and this is where an understanding of kitchen cabinets is necessary. Good cabinets need to offer plenty of storage, be well suited to the available space, and be easy to access. Let’s take a closer look at kitchen cabinets. 

First Thoughts:

The first thing to consider about kitchen cabinet storage is to avoid the urge to stack and make your cabinets accessible. There are specialty organizers available for kitchen cabinets, for example, a lazy susan can enable access to tight corners for storage purposes. Another option could be step shelving in your cabinets to organize dishes of different sizes, assortments of canned goods and small appliances with their associated accessories. Adding wire baskets that are mounted on slides inside kitchen cabinets, can make very deep cabinets usable and easy to access.

The Three Basic Work Areas:

Always keep in mind three basic principles about work areas in your kitchen when organizing. The areas are the food preparation area, the cooking and serving areas, and the sink and drain areas. Storage solutions should act in service to these work areas and their size, location and accessibility are the keys to a successful kitchen experience.

The Food Preparation Area:

The food preparation area has to make them work in the kitchen more convenient. Establish where the preparation needs to be and where the associated storage should be located. The kitchen cabinets here will likely be focused on the storage of items, such as scales, mixing appliances, bowls, beaters, ingredients, and measuring cups.

The Cooking and Serving Area:

The cooking area will need storage for items, such as pots, pans, and cooking utensils, that can be accessed easily. The serving area will need to have storage for eating utensils, tableware, and dishes.

Observing the Kitchen Work Triangle:

The three areas of the kitchen, are the sink, the cooker, and the refrigerator. Wherever possible arrange them in a triangle, not be less than 1.2 meters apart and no more than 2.75 meters apart. The total sides of your kitchen work triangle, should not add up to more than 8 meters. If these measurements are observed you will discover that your kitchen is more space-efficient and easier to work in.

Tips in Finding The Best.

There are several types of kitchen cabinets that professionals can offer you. Kitchen cabinets in Rockford and your respective areas are perfect additions to homes, to add more beauty and aesthetics to your spaces. Many of these kitchen cabinets are made with wood and there are also others made with frames.

Materials These Kitchen Cabinets Are Made Of

Whether you want custom-made cabinets for your kitchen or ready-to-install ones, there are several choices that you can encounter in terms of the materials that they are made with. You can offer yourself wood cabinets constructed in hardwood, cherry, maple, hickory, birch, or oak. These cabinets may have corresponding prices so you have to be careful about this action. They are more costly than materials such as laminate or veneer.

Another popular choice in terms of the construction is known as face-framed kitchen cabinet installation. Kitchen cabinets in Rockford or your area can be offered to you at a lower cost, and this type of construction does not cost too much. It only involves the installation of the materials facing out the hardwood. Many of the cabinets are built using various vertical and horizontal wooden pieces. The face frame is attached to the front of the board or plywood to successfully mount them in the kitchen. Find those made with solid wood to make these types of installation great.

Without Frames

There are also other options that you can have with these kitchen cabinet installation services. Two of the most popular ones include the building of particleboards and fiberboards which are great choices when you need to protect your kitchen and all its content from moisture. They can be attached using roller mechanisms or hinges just like the earlier purpose.

Furthermore, there are also frameless kitchen cabinets that can offer a more contemporary take on the aesthetics of the entire space. There are no face frames used and the doors are directly built on the cabinet sides secured with dowels and pins. The advantages include accessing these spaces and having the hinges hidden. These are ready-made types that can be built easily over a shorter time.

When it comes to kitchen cabinet finishes, you can also select from a variety of options in your industry. One of these includes natural wood that has options for staining, painting, and glazing. Moreover, there are also several distressing techniques that you can apply to these surfaces, including other methods that include rubbing them through or rasping.

Reasons Behind The Increasing Popularity of Solid wood White Oak Kitchen Cabinets.

As far as kitchen cabinets sale is concerned it seems that white oak is a popular material of choice for a lot of people out there. As such, oak comes with plenty of variations and this is applicable for white oak. Most of the white oak that you see in the market these days is light brown to a greater extent than actually being white. The only exception to this norm is the antique white oak. In most cases, the very light brown pieces of oak are regarded as being white. Now, the question that needs to be asked in this context is why has white oak become so popular among kitchen designers, interior designers, and homeowners.

A neutral color

This happens to be one of the biggest benefits of white oak from a color related point of view. Right now, the aesthetic preferences of contemporary design are leaning more towards such colors. This is because such colors play a major role in bringing out the subtle aspects of textures and furnishings.

Quite often the textural aspects of a particular space may get lost in the fray. However, the interior designers know from their training that the best way to create interiors that are welcoming is to go for neutral backdrops. There are warm textures over here such as wooden elements that tend to be on the rougher side. Apart from that, you may also have shiny tiles, brushed velvet, and nubby linens. Let us say that a room has been painted in bright red. In that case, it would be the color that will be a lot more prominent than others. This would also mean that all the textural elements get lost in the backdrop.

This can make your room seem like it is not a welcoming one at all.

Great texture

It also needs to be mentioned that cabinets made from white oak have a natural texture that can be termed pleasant. These days, contemporary designers are bothered by making things feel as if they are natural. The reasons for this are not known but natural settings can make one feel at peace. This could be because at our roots we were always peaceful from a social perspective. It could be that we are always looking for a taste of the social structure that once was there.


It also helps that white oak is a highly durable material. Oak in itself is really strong wood and it has great structural integrity as well. In most cases the high-end cabinets are built to make sure that they last a long time – after all, there could be a fair number of times that they are disassembled and then moved from one home to another. They have to withstand that and this is where oak passes with flying colors. If you have spent money on buying such high-class cabinets it is but natural that you would want to bring them along with you to your new home as well.

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