Cuisinart Toaster Ovens – Quick guide for choosing a new one

the Cuisinart Brand and Cuisinart Toaster Ovens

The Cuisinart brand was born in 1970 shortly after its founders (The Sontheimer) visited a housewares show in France. That fateful trip led to the introduction of the American food processor, modeled after a similar device used commercially that the French called the Robot-Coupe.

For many years after this, Cuisinart only made food processors. It wasn’t until 1990 that Cuisinart branched out and began offering other items designed to make life in the kitchen easier. Throughout many products and many years, the Cuisinart name has represented quality and cutting edge products and design. So how does the Cuisinart Toaster oven measure up to this reputation?

Cuisinart Toaster Ovens

There are multiple models to choose from when purchasing a Cuisinart toaster oven, costing roughly between $80 and $200. The more expensive models come equipped with convection baking and digital controls. While the type of controls used boils down to purely personal preference, the convection feature does not. Regardless of your cooking wants and needs, convection baking is a plus. It gives you more even baking than traditional ovens plus it heats faster and cooks more quickly.

Most of the Cuisinart toaster ovens are very sleek and updated looking without being overly modern, making them a welcome addition to almost any kitchen. They have a modern boxy shape which leads to more available interior oven space.

These toaster ovens are more oven than a toaster. Many home cooks are looking for a small oven to take the place of their full-sized ovens daily. Most people don’t need the excess space in their traditional oven so they opt instead for one that uses less energy and heats the kitchen less. Cuisinart has certainly filled that growing need. Most of their models are large enough to fit a small chicken or twelve-inch pizza, relegating the old energy-hogging ovens to mere holiday or special occasion usage.

What Do The Reviews Say?

I like to look at any available customer reviews. This helps me to know which pros and cons to look out for. When I look at reviews, I also like to see how many are very favorable and accompanied by a four or five-star rating. Most toaster ovens fall in the 70% to 80% range, with many models that cost less than $50 falling well below that mark. Most of the Cuisinart models can boast an impressive 90%+ in this category.

The most common complaint that is found repeated throughout the reviews is the exterior gets hot while in use. Unfortunately, this is true of most toaster ovens. They are true ovens that cook with real heat, not microwaves. More expensive models do offer more heavy-duty insulation which minimizes this problem, but those will cost you about $250. Overall, Cuisinart toaster ovens are great performers and offer good value for the price.

how to get the best toaster ovens?

Nowadays, different modern technologies have been applied to small appliances. A toaster oven is one of them which is no longer playing single and simple function. With different baking accessories, it performs multiple functions as a combo including toast, broil, bake, etc. With less energy consumption and less cooking time, it becomes more and more popular in home cooking. There are tons of options on the market which confuse your buying decision. We are not going to recommend any specific models but share our experience on how to find the best toaster oven for you with 5 quick and easy steps.

You may easily find hundreds of advertisements and reviews on how many stunning features and functions the toaster oven can provide. However, we will go on in a different direction which directly leads you to the back of the truth.

Step 1: How Much Are You Going to Invest?

It is easy to find toaster ovens in different ranges of price from $ 30 to $ 300 or more. We divide these into 3 simple ranks that will help you to make your decision easier.

Price: Under $50 / $50 to $150 / Over $150

Rank: Basic / Medium / High

Frequency of Use: Low / High / High

Functions: Basic 3 to 5 functions / Almost 90% functions as a regular oven / Usually beyond your expectation

Under $50

$50 to $150

Over $150

Step 2: What Will You Do Most Frequently with the toaster ovens?

Some of the people usually have toast. I am not going to lie and say a conventional toaster will be a better choice over the toaster oven for you unless you want to toast bread in an odd size. But a toaster oven does do as well as a toaster.

Most of the low and medium rank toaster ovens do not apply high-end technology such as convection function or infrared as their heating method, which will increase the cooking efficiency a lot up to 40%. Convection toaster ovens disperse the hot air generated by the heating element inside with a little fan. It leads to better cooking results. Food will be browned more evenly with less cooking time. Another popular technology applied is infrared. No preheating is required, which saves you huge time. Although the application of either technology costs a bit more, they are still the favorite of many chefs due to the better cooking result and less cooking time.

Step 3: What Convenience Do You Expect?

Controls of toaster ovens are always dials or digital. Most people prefer digital controls than dials due to the convenience of using, which is agreed by many chefs as well. Digital controls provide more accurate settings than dials. Moreover, pre-settings of frequently using functions save a lot of time from bad memories.

Stainless toaster ovens with non-stick interiors are easy to clean. Most of the toaster ovens on the market have front-access crumb trays, which are quite user-friendly. You can easily find models with these features at a competitive price.

Step 4: Always Mind Safety!

Most toaster ovens have the feature of shutting off automatically, which shuts off the oven at the end of every cooking cycle. Also, there is usually a timer that will ring then. So if you will not watch the cooking every minute in the kitchen, we strongly recommend the products with automatic shut off feature since you might miss the ring of the timer and forget to turn the oven off, which is dangerous.

 safety function for BLACK+DECKER 6-Slice Digital Convection Counter top Toaster Oven.

Besides, you should keep your kids off from the hot oven, especially during cooking since most of the models get hot on both sides and the top. To avoid being burnt by the extreme temperature, an oven mitt or potholder is recommended.

Step 5: How Much Space Can You Afford?

Toaster ovens can always accommodate 4 or 6 slices of bread, which is usually used as the measurement of the size. The sizes can be as small as 10*10*10 inches or even smaller or be as large as 22*18*16 inches. People with tiny kitchen usually choose the mini one while larger models are welcome by people with big families. If you are planning to prepare your Thanks Giving or Christmas menu, you’ll want a large one. Make sure you measure the counter space before making a buying decision, whatever size you will choose.

small toaster oven

large toaster oven