Electric Rice Cooker – Do You Think You Don’t Need It?

Love eating rice and pasta every day but could not find an easier way to cook them? Your comfort lies in the electric cooker. You just simply add the right amount of material, add a few drops of oil or button, press the button and the electric cooker will give you aromatic, delicious, and fluffy rice to relish. This appliance is so fast and easy to use. Be it basmati or healthy brown, you can cook any kind of rice in it with any hassle.cooked rice

Say goodbye to your old-fashioned methods of cooking and switch to a smarter and easiest way of cooking with the best electric rice cooker. No more worrying about the water to get over-boiled or constantly keeping an eye on the pan and rushing to the kitchen at the right time. An electric rice cooker can be such a relief in your dramatically hectic kitchen life.

This is not just all! With an electric cooker, you can cook different breakfasts, steam vegetables, and much more. Here are some of the most incredible benefits that you can enjoy by buying the best electric rice cooker in India.

Benefits Of USING a Rice Cooker:

  • Prepare Rice Automatically With Electric Rice Cooker

Now, you do not have to rely upon counting the number of cooking vessels to get perfectly cooked rice. All you need to do is to measure the rice and water, close the lid, and turn the appliance on. The electric cooker will automatically complete its cycle at the right time to give you perfect rice and pasta.

  • Steam Vegetables:

Apart from just cooking pasta, you can steam and cut vegetables, potatoes, tofu, chicken breasts, and fish fillets. Most electric cookers come with a steamer rack on which you place your vegetables for steaming.

  • Prepare Hot Breakfast:

You can make different types of breakfast for yourself. For instance, you can make oatmeal, hot cereals just by adding a little amount of water or milk. The “warm” option offered on electric stoves prevents your food from getting cold.

  •  Easy to Clean:

Most of the electric cookers come with components that are safe to clean in the dishwasher. If you have the best electric cooker that is easy to clean, then your life is going to be easy peasy.

  • Programmable Settings:

Electric cookers come with programmable settings that enable users to cook different types of rice or other food items at different temperatures. These cookers are easy to use and work effectively to reduce the cooking time and your effort and make cooking easy.

  • Get The Best Electric Rice Cooker:

You can bring this appliance home to get perfect rice every day. You can opt for the most reputed brand to ensure a good purchase by getting the best one. Aroma and instant pot are some of the best brands to consider in India. Just keep in mind, it is always beneficial to pick the right size based on your requirements. Have happy cooking!

How to choose the right rice cooker

Since the birth of rice cookers, any novice cook, or even anyone that doesn’t have the slightest idea of cooking rice, can be a master of cooking rice at a touch of a button. Because of this advantage, more and more cookers are coming out in the market, and anyone who has experienced shopping for them will tell you that there is a mountaintop of options for you to choose from. Rice cookers have different sizes, features, functions, and price range. The following is a simple how-to guide for choosing the right cooker for your household.

1. Think about what you need your rice cooker to do and what type of rice you are most likely to cook rice cookers will give you unparalleled comfort when cooking white rice.

It makes rice more soft and fluffy, which means it is easy to digest.

If you want to have a variety of healthy rice, you should go with brown rice. Brown rice is rich in GABA which is an amino acid that provides several health benefits; however, you will need to soak the rice in 104 degrees for two hours before you can cook it to activate the GABA. You will need a stainless steel cooker for this and make sure that it has brown rice function.

2. Think about how often you are going to use your rice cooker. If you are going to cook rice only once in a while and you want to get your money’s worth, I suggest that you get a stainless steel cooker that comes with a steam basket or a pasta colander. That way, your cooker becomes extremely versatile and you can prepare various dishes with it. If you plan to mainly use your rice cooker for cooking rice, then the traditional ones will fit your needs just as well. You don’t have to get the ones that can be used as a steamer or pasta cooker as they can cost a little bit more

3. Think about your lifestyle and ask yourself what possible features your rice cooker should have to make your life easier. For example, if you have to leave very early in the morning, but everyone has to leave at midday, then you can choose a cooker that has a keep-warm function that can last for several hours. You can cook rice before you leave and you won’t have to worry about what your kids are going to eat for breakfast or even lunch.

Another marvelous feature is one that allows you to set when the rice cooker will start cooking. You can place the amount of rice and water needed in the morning and set it to cook late afternoon. That way, when you arrive home from a long day of work, all that’s left to do is to serve them warm and perfectly cooked rice on the table. Other optional features are cool to touch handles, nonstick interiors, and many more.

There are other factors to consider as well, such as the size of your household and your countertop. This will help determine the ideal size of the rice cooker you should get. You might be overwhelmed by the number of options you have, but just remember to get a cooker that will fit your needs. It doesn’t have to be the most expensive ones that have all the extra features that you don’t need. Just get a durable and reliable one that’s complete with the features you need. That’s the right rice cooker for you.

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