The Best Refrigerator Review You Could Do When Buying

what do you need from the new refrigerator?

You should never rush into buying an item as it will most likely lead you to regret and despair when you find out that what you have bought is not exactly what you need. The same thing can be said about buying a refrigerator. There are certain things you need to consider before you make a buying decision. This article will help you make a better choice in buying a refrigerator.

  • Price range – It is the amount that you are willing to spend on your new refrigerator. This will lead you to search for either expensive high-end refrigerator or cheaper normal refrigerator.
  • Storage capacity – If your family has a lot of people, you will certainly need a large refrigerator. However, you need to be aware that larger refrigerators are more energy consuming and thus will eventually lead to higher electricity bills.
  • Space in the Kitchen – Another important question is how much space is available in your kitchen. You need to measure to make sure that there is enough space in the kitchen for your new refrigerator.
  • Specific Features of a refrigerator – Different refrigerators come with different features. So you need to know what are the features that you need in your refrigerators.
  • Brand – The brand of a refrigerator is important. Some refrigerator may be expensive just because it is from a certain reputed brand. On the other hand, the famous brand usually has excellent after-sale services.
  • Where to buy – Finally, you need to consider where to buy your refrigerator. You can buy online or from kitchen appliance shops in your town.

I hope that is helpful in your search for a new refrigerator. Please make sure to check the price of refrigerators from different sources. The price of a refrigerator may vary to a certain extent depending on which seller you buy from. A good and easy way is to check the prices of refrigerators online before making a buying decision. keep reading

Double Door Refrigerators

The 5 Types Of Refrigerator To Choose From

you are looking for a new refrigerator, you may be wondering which type to select. There are five main types that you will notice in the stores. Consider which one is right for your usage. Here are descriptions of the five kinds of refrigerators to help you with your decision.

  • You may be most familiar with the top-freezer refrigerators. It’s a classic look that has been popular for some years. It provides ample space to accommodate platters or pizza boxes. This ensures functional space in this useful appliance. However, it isn’t practical if you have any injuries or restrictions. The crisper tends to be at the bottom, so you will spend a lot of time bending to access your groceries. If this isn’t an issue, then this is the most cost-effective option particularly if you are a limited budget.


  • Alternatively, you could consider the bottom-freezer refrigerators. It hasn’t been around for as long as the top-freezer models, however, has more practicalities. It ensures your daily items are at eye-level. While all your freezer items are at the bottom, the drawer makes it easy to access your frozen goods. These tend to be slightly more expensive than top-freezer options, yet you can still get a great deal.


  • Side-by-side refrigerators are another option that divides your appliance vertically. This is beneficial if you are limited with space, particularly for door clearance. It has gained popularity due to visual appeal and the optional extra features. These include ice makers and dispensers, water dispensers, and TV screens. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to store wide items due to the narrow shelves. 


  • If you are looking for something custom, then you can opt for a built-in refrigerator. Perhaps you have an awkward space to accommodate, or you just want to create a particular look. Choosing an integrated design ensures you get what you want. This unique option provides you with a high-quality appliance to meet your specifications. However, they are more expensive than the other options mentioned.


  • Refrigerator drawers also provide a way to work around your kitchen space without the hefty price tag of a custom unit. They are functional and can be installed under your counters for easy access. Unfortunately, they don’t offer the same amount of space other models have, however, this may suit your needs.

Single Door or Double Door!!

Various companies have launched different types of refrigerators in the market. It includes the refrigerators with different numbers of doors, such as a single door, double door, three doors, four doors, etc. But the common types of refrigerators which are popular are the single door refrigerator and the double door refrigerator. It is just because of this, these refrigerators hold the largest share in the market.

It is a bit complicated if one wants to distinguish between as to which is a good or a better refrigerator. It all depends on the need of an individual.

Single Door Refrigerators

These are the oldest types of the refrigerator. The upper portion contains the freezer, the middle has space with shelves to keep food, and the bottom portion has a vegetable container. The range of the refrigerator starts from 50 liters and goes up to 300 liters. The prices are low as these are the entry-level refrigerators.


It is available in the smaller sizes for smaller usage
It can Fit in a small space
The freezer section of this refrigerator is more efficient
It is ideal for use in small clinics or offices and the grocery stores

This fridge requires manual defrosting regularly. This type is not available above 300 liters
The odor mixture in the food is common, as all three sections exist together.

Double Door Refrigerators

As per the name, these refrigerators have two doors. One door is in the freezer section and another door is in the vegetable and refrigeration sections. Some double-door refrigerators have the freezer section on the top and another section in the bottom or vice versa. The range starts with the 200 liters and it goes up to 660 liters. Today, the double-door refrigerators are the hot items on the market as they are in the mid-price range.


Depending upon the capacity, you can accommodate the bigger beverage bottles or vessels.
You can choose one type of shelf from different accessories that are available in the market like the wired or acrylic or toughened glass shelves.

Deodorizer features not available in smaller sizes of the refrigerator.
These refrigerators are not available in smaller sizes.
As you have to bend down for getting the vegetables, if it is located in the lower part of the refrigerator, the process can become painful.
When you decide to buy a refrigerator for your use, the most pressing queries is, which one is the best, single door refrigerator or double door refrigerator. Whatever the pros and cons of each type of refrigerator, you have to make the decision based upon your requirements, your taste, and most of all, your budget.

Difference Between Direct Cooling and Frost Free. 

Frost-free as the name expresses need not be defrosted manually to get rid of extra ice deposited in it. Earlier this was done fortnightly and was a very cumbersome process. A puny element is inbuilt in the system that melts collected ice without affecting the other functions of the fridge. The term frost-free applies to the freezer inbuilt in the fridge.

The Principle Of Cooling And Frost

Fridges that cool directly are cheaper than frost-free types. More and more companies are coming out with frost-free refrigerator and soon there will be no demarcation among the models available in the market.
Frost-free fridge continuously keeps the food at the optimum temperature with stable cooling temperature. Food wastage and blemishes of food are less. The shelf life goes up.
The frost-free fridge temperature is consistent and humidity in the fresh food shelf is stable. Ice flakes are not formed on food so no ice injury is seen in fresh foods.
The consumption of electricity is more compared to other models available in the market. But the wastage of food is less.
The air and food products stored inside the fridge are automatically cooled through the circulation of air.
Research Evolving Technology

Continuous research is on to validate the frost-free fridge with new designs and a reduction in energy needs. An attempt is also being made to increase the life span of the fridge through innovative technology. Even today the frost-free fridges last longer than their counterparts.

The Basic Structure

The frost-free has three important machinery parts namely a timer, a heating-coil, and a temperature sensor. The set timer comes into action at regular intervals and the heating coil begins to function. The heating coil melts unwanted ice on the fridge interior. Once the extra ice vanishes the temperature is sensed by the sensor and the heating coil suspends the heating process. This is how the cost of electricity goes up compared to other non-frosting models in the market.

Meaning Of Frost

With every action done in the freezer some of the air on the outside enters inside. The air has a humidity level depending on the climate. The air cools inside the closed freezer and gives up humidity. The water released settles on the food product, walls of the chamber as ice. This condensation produces thrust. This frost has to be removed periodically otherwise cooling process will stop. The element in the freezer has the potency just enough to melt the frost while the cooling process is not hindered.

Panasonic a company of repute in India has kept up with changing technologies and the products are worth recommending to others. The company brings out the best refrigerator in India. The consumers trust the company and selling is brisk.


Five Indicators That Refrigerator Desires to Repair

 These are the top five indicators your refrigerator wants repair therefore you’ll avoid having to buy an expensive replacement.

note: Slow down before calling the refrigerator technician

  • Ever get woken up within the middle of the night by a loud rumbling noise that’s coming from your room. If your fridge is suddenly creating uncommon noises for no explicit reason don’t simply ignore it if your food is obtaining chilled. Initial check if there are any leaks within the refrigerator and the next step is to prevent overloading the food within the fridge as this may also spoil the appliance. If none of those steps facilitate to quell the death throes that your electric refrigerator is emitting then it’s time to look for specialized services to your refrigerator drawback.


  • All refrigerators have cooling and non-cooling intervals therefore on maintain the inner temperature as set by the user. Thus, if you notice that the cooling system stops alternating to a non-cooling cycle it should be time to need a repair specialist as your fridge’s thermostat and cooling ducts could also be nonfunctional. The fault might also cause food products to be to a fault frozen therefore often check to confirm that this doesn’t happen.


  • A refrigerator must not only be of concern if the temperature is just too high however also if the fruits begin to turn into ice cubes. Drinks that are solid and frozen dessert don’t seem to be the only issues featured once dealing with an inefficient temperature setting. Continued use of such fault appliance causes the refrigerator to consume additional power than required that in turn may cause short circuits within the house. As an additional precaution, place a floor towel to a lower place the fridge to soak up any water leaks which can cause close areas to be slippery or contact close electrics.


  • That strange yellowish light basking your kitchen in its eerie glow may simply be returning from your electric refrigerator if the inside lights don’t shut off properly once the refrigerator door is closed. Residential refrigerator repair suggests you to conclude if your cooling unit is faulty by searching for the depression switch typically at the corner of the door seals and check out depressing them to off the lights. If the lights don’t explode instantly or it flickers you recognize there’s trouble with the circuits and a fixer ought to be known as in to examine the appliance.


  • This is the foremost inclined fault once an icebox starts to point out signs of nonfunctional. Many folks tend to overlook this after they notice the seals on the doors are deteriorated or broken and not replace them. Cool air can leak through the broken seals and seal usually leading to an overworked cooling system. It’s suggested that you just replace the seals directly upon the discovery of any gaps or cracks within the rubber.